Our Success Stories

At RCL, we continue to thrive and advance by deploying intelligent, client tailored, cost-effective and exceptionally high standards of quality and professionalism. This has no doubt endeared us to our clients, who we prefer to refer to at Rignet Communications as partners.

Our customers span across various sectors of the telecomm industry and beyond the telecomm industry. They include small, medium and large businesses, PTOs, GSM Companies, Engineering and IT firms, Manufacturing firms, Logistics and Procurement Companies, Oil and Gas Servicing Companies, Petroleum Companies and Multinationals.

Find a sampler of our clients and projects executed u bar garden tool by RCL for them:

Spectrum Comms Ltd/ZAIN

Kano, Bauchi, Adamawa – Completed

Line of Site Surveys of 50 Site

Blue Chips Comm/MTN

Lagos,Bauchi, Ilorin, Kano – Completed
Installations of Sixty (60) Huawei WiMAX DBS 3900 radio

Annis Systems/SWIFT

Lagos State – Completed.

Operation and Maintenance of Huawei Wimax (75 sites) DBS 3900 radio

Harris Stratex/Zain

Delta, Anambra State – need someone to write my paper Completed

Installations of Ten(10) hops with Harris Microstar radios.

Harris Stratex/Zain

Enugu, Anambra State – Completed

Installations of Twenty(20) hops with Harris Truepoint 4000 radios

ATC Technologies

Lagos State – Completed

Several Turnkey Site Build – Lagos

SWAP/Bluechips Comms/MTN

Lagos, Ogun – Completed

Installations of Forty (40) hops with Aviat radios and Ericsson BTS (MTN FY13)

Bluechip Comm Ltd/ZAIN

Akwa Ibom – Completed

Installations of three (3) hops with MiniLink TN radios
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Harris Stratex/Zain

Niger, Kano, jigawa – Completed

Installations of Ten(10) hops with Harris Truepoint 5000 radios

IHS Technologies

Lagos State – Completed

Several Turnkey Site Build – Lagos, Warri, Port Harcourt

IHS Technologies

Nationwide – 100 Sites

Solar Installation (Electrical & Civil) 100 sites – nationwide